1. I hate indoor workouts. Prefer walking and light jogging. However we had some snow so I couldn’t go walking today. I just did this workout and managed it all the way through.

  2. I didn’t like how much leg work was in this. I didn’t want my thighs to hurt this bad before an actual workout 😬 this is probably good for people who are only doing this for the day. I use 5 minute cardio for a warm up 🧡

  3. I will do this once a day for a week, then slowy doing it twice a day. Then will move to 10min workout, because I'm tryna get use to working out and also help with my sleep, gosh life is hard ;(

  4. I’m here to get some exercise in since P.E online is not enough or me and I would also like to get rid of some belly fat/ loose a bit of weight.

  5. (Ima do this workout 2 times a day every day for at least a week, after i wake up and before i go to bed, and then i’m going to comment my progress and results to see how much muscle my legs have gained!)

    – day 1: I had to take breaks almost every set or every other because I was so tired and out of breath, so hopefully over time by doing this every day my stamina and breathing will get better as I go.

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